Twitter’s Spaces Spark program wants to highlight “interesting Twitter spaces”


Twitter is launching a new program that will see creators paid $ 2,500 per month to manage two spaces per week. The program will run for three months, Twitter said in a announcement.

The idea, according to Twitter, is to find people “passionate about the live social audio format.”

The Twitter Spaces Spark program is a three-month acceleration initiative designed to discover and reward the great outdoors on Twitter with financial, technical and marketing support. We’re looking for emerging creators who are passionate about the live social audio format and interested in creating recurring programs on Spaces. Whether you have an existing show that you’ve been hosting for weeks or a brand new conversation that you want to try, we want to support you.

Those looking to get in on the action can apply now – applications close October 22, so be sure to register early.

In addition to the monthly payment of $ 2,500, users can expect a “personalized space swag” as well as monthly ad credits that can be used to promote future spaces.

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This all resides in the Twitter app of course, rather than third-party alternatives. Despite recent improvements, few would say that the best Twitter app for iPhone is the official app, but if you want to use features like Spaces, you will have to use it.

Spaces, Twitter’s real-time audio chat feature, seems to be quite popular without the explosion that has seen Clubhouse become so popular. This last accelerator could be the proof of this fact.


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