Virgil Abloh’s work abounded at Milan Design Week


When Virgil Abloh passed away last year, his loss was felt across many industries, including but not limited to menswear, where he first made a name for himself. And in the months that followed, an even fuller scope of what Abloh was capable of emerged – including a boldly crafted collaboration with Mercedes.

Now even more work from Abloh has been announced – this time, at this year’s Milan Design Week. As Dezeen reports, several distinctly crafted objects that Abloh worked on were unveiled at the event. This included a range of cutlery that Abloh designed for Alessi, as well as a number of cubes for Cassina. A total of eight new Abloh designs have been released.

In an interview with Wallpaper, Alberto Alessi recalled the initial concepts of Abloh for their design. “[W]When he looked at our world, Alessi’s world, it was through the eyes of someone who liked the idea of ​​a mechanical workshop – I remember the first reference he showed me was a wrench – a far cry from the elegance of what we usually think of as good design. It was almost brutalist,” Alessi said. “I found it very interesting, because for us it was a new approach.”

According to Alessi website, only 999 covers will be manufactured. Details on when they will be available for purchase have yet to be released.


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