Want to ask Property Brothers Design questions? Here’s how you can


Ever wanted to ask HGTV stars the Property Brothers a question about the design of the house? Here’s your chance! The Scott brothers took to Instagram to tell fans how they can get the couple’s opinion on your burning questions.

Property Brothers invites fans to ask them “design questions, personal questions”

“Hey guys, have you ever dreamed of having us in your living room?” Drew said in a video he posted on Instagram, with Jonathan using a tool to train in the background. “What are you doing?” Drew asked his brother.

“Sorry, I’m just warming up for our Bright Live session,” Jonathan explained. “You can talk about all sorts of cool things with us, ask us questions. the 21st of February ! Drew chimed in, saying, “You can ask us any design questions, personal questions.” He joked, “Have Jonathan do 400 shoulder presses,” as his brother continued to play with the tool in the background.

Full event details are at the link in Jonathan’s Instagram bio. The live session is part of an ongoing series the Property Brothers are doing. According to the Bright Live website, “In the fourth session of their ongoing series, Drew and Jonathan Scott share tips on how to make simple improvements that will make your living room a place where people want to gather.” The online event has 100 locations for fans to ask the Property Brothers their question, with tickets costing just $25.

Drew and his wife Linda are expecting their first child

In addition to their home design work, the two brothers are also very busy in their personal lives. Drew is expecting his first child with his wife Linda Phan. In a recent selfie of the couple, they wrote, “It’s been an adventure getting here! We know we are not alone in this journey and each is filled with unique challenges along the way.

“It made an overwhelming time in our lives more manageable,” they continued. “We hope that as we progress through this, even any of you reading this can also feel a little less alone, whatever path you are on!”

Jonathan and Zooey bought their first property together

Jonathan and his longtime girlfriend Zooey Deschanel are also reaching milestones in their relationship. The couple bought their first property together and are renovating the house together.

After the children nicknamed the property “Park House, due to the size of the lawn surrounding the house”, Scott and Deschanel knew they had found the house for them. In a personal essay he wrote for, Drew + Jonathan reveal, he shared, “We know each other and we have time – the rest of our lives together in this house. Our house. Our dream house, where we will see the children grow up laughing and venture into the yard, where we will welcome our friends and family.

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