What is washable wallpaper?


There are many types of washable wallpaper, and categorizing each one can be a bit confusing. To put it simply, The Best Wallpaper Place lists four types, and each is identified by a different symbol. Check your wallpaper roll insert to find out which type you have. If you find a single wavy line, your walls can be cleaned gently with a dry sponge, and they cannot be exposed to water. Two wavy lines means your wallpaper can be washed but also can be damaged by water. A symbol with three wavy lines means that your wallpaper can withstand small amounts of water when cleaning. Finally, a wavy line on a symbol that looks like a brush means your wall can be scrubbed with a soft brush and water. The last option would be ideal for the kitchen or another place where the walls often get dirty.

There are also other classifications. Wall Coverings classifies washable wallpapers into three groups: washable, which can withstand a mild cleaner, washable, which can only withstand a soft sponge, and stain resistant, which means the material will not show. of stains. Wallpaper Boulevard also calls it washable vinyl wallpaper because it’s either vinyl or vinyl-coated.


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