Where to buy wallpaper from Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in “And Just Like That”


Carrie Bradshaw set to return to HBO Max And just like that next week and Beautiful House is happy to announce that you can purchase * the * wallpaper for her new and improved Manhattan apartment.

The wallpaper in question is The Grove wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries, which comes in not one but five different colors: Palm Paradise, Majestic Frond, Luscious Gray, Hollywood Hills and Regency Navy. The grove is made from authentic wood that has been laser cut into a grove pattern (hence the name), which is then applied to gold or silver backgrounds.

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In an Instagram post by acclaimed interior design brand Phillip Jeffries, Sex and the city fans get a clip of And just like that, the next HBO Max series that follows Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, almost 20 years after they first appeared on our TV screens.

    And if you are looking for even * more * wallpapers from And just like that to install at home, look no further than the BIRD Katie Ridder Wallpaper, who is also making an appearance in the upcoming series. You can find it in four shades: Aegean, Chocolate, Cream, and Orange. Additionally, a lucky SATC fan was able to stay in a recreation of Bradshaw’s apartment last month, thanks to Airbnb.

    Ready to receive even more home decor inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw herself? And just like that premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, December 9 — and we * know * we are going to watch !

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